“Give Me 10 Minutes And I Will Reveal My Honest Thoughts On WP Enlighten…’The Magical Software’ That Is Supposed To Change The Internet Marketing World Forever!”

Dear Internet Marketer,

Before you purchase WP Enlighten PLEASE check out this review!

My name is Billy Holder and as an internet marketer myself, I will tell you that one of the BIGGEST assets you can have as an internet marketer is a highly converting sales page.

However, creating a sales page has got to be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to making money online.

It would literally take me several days to create a “decent” looking sales page. Writing it was one thing, but formatting it so that it looked nice was a nightmare!

In fact, I got so frustrated that I have literally purchased every freaking tool that is currently on the market when it comes to creating sales pages.

I am talking about tools like:

  • Optimize Press
  • Profits Theme
  • WP Sales Engine
  • InstaBuilder
  • SalesPress Pro
  • And MORE!

I can tell you they are all good tools and they helped…


Even they had their limitations

If you are anything like me, then I am sure you want something that is SIMPLE TO USE and allows you to get your high converting landing pages out there FAST!

We all have heard “MONEY LOVES SPEED!”

That was my biggest issue with some of the other tools I have purchased. There was a HUGE learning curve and often times you would have to buy other plugins to get the desired results you wanted.

Then I bought WP Enlighten

I could not wait until I could get inside this thing and start pushing buttons. I wanted to see if it was really what we have all wanted as internet marketers.

As soon as I installed it…

Here is what I found

 It is a dedicated sales and high converting squeeze page engine. It was not designed to be a “do it all” tool. It’s main purpose is to help you create amazing sales pages and squeeze pages FAST!

It is EASY to use. This tool is made to work straight out the box. In fact, it was designed so you could install it and start working right away. NO BIG learning curve like with most software.

Will Explode Your Productivity. Jason is BIG on productivity and so this tool is designed with speed in mind. This is the same tool he uses for his sales pages. Did I mention this guy has sold millions of dollars worth of products online using these same templates that come pre-installed?

Compatible with your other tools. If you are have a theme like Optimize Press or another plugin… No worries because this thing works seamlessly with them.

Real Time Previewer. No need to have to switch back and forth to see your changes because the plugin has a real time preview built into it. As you make tweaks, you can instantly see what it looks like without leaving the editor.

Comes With 10 Default Templates. You get proven templates you can use straight out the box or you can CUSTOMIZE until your heart’s desire!

Convert Really High. These templates are modeled after Jason Fladlien’s best converting sales pages so you get to leverage tons of testing he has done. Jason has made millions online and much of it coming from these sales pages.

Unlimited Variations Possible. The power in this tool is amazing because you can customize every aspect of your sales page  template from custom background colors… to images.. to width… to fonts… and more!

Add Your Own Images To Shortcodes. Something I really love is the ability to add my own images to the shortcodes for even more flexibility!

Saves You a Ton Of Time! Life is much simpler with this tool.

HUGE Advantage Over Others Who Don’t Own Wp Enlighten. You can quickly and easily create UNIQUE sales pages for all that PLR sitting on your hard drive and have great looking sales pages that stand out!

Responsive To Cell Phones And iPads. No need to worry about how it looks on a cell phone or devices like an ipad because it was specfically designed to look good on any device.

Instantly Create Stunning Testimonial Boxes. If you want to add a testimonial box to your sales page, then it could not be any simpler than it is with Wp Enlighten!


How Easy Is It To Use, Billy?

I am glad you asked!

Let me first start by saying I am no technical genius. In fact, it usually takes me days to get a blog to look even half way decent!

But here is a squeeze page I was able to create in under 15 minutes… start to finish!

my squeeze


And Oh yeah!

This page you are looking at now I did in about an hour and a half including the type up!

I don’t get very excited over plugins because most of them are full of bugs and have a HUGE learning curve, however, I REALLY like WP Enlighten!

I don’t know about you but my time is too valuable to sit around trying to figure out how to get a stinking picture positioned on a sales page to look right or spend countless hours trying to figure out how to use the wiz bang tool that is suppose to create the sales page.

With WP Enlighten, that’s not the case at all!

Not only does it create AMAZING looking sales pages and squeeze pages that CONVERT, but it is super simple to use

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“Don’t Be The One Who Misses Out On A Great Deal!”

“I have used nearly every tool on the market when it comes to sales pages but Wp Enlighten is like a gift straight from heaven! I can’t express enough how much this software has simplified my life, saved me a ton of time and made me MONEY!”

“You Will Kick Yourself If You Do Not Get This Tool Today!”

Customer Feedback

Create Amazing Looking Order Forms and Testimonial Boxes. Having a nice looking forms like the one above will make all your sales pages look professional and this software allows you to create nice forms with just a click of a button!

Now, a good review is worthless if all it did was point out all the good points. But, in reality…

All products have their faults…

After carefully looking at this plugin from all angles and comparing it with the products that are on the market, here is what I found…

Price tag. Wp Enlighten is not the cheapest. In fact, there are other solutions that are cheaper. But I can honestly say that it is well worth the investment because the time it saves can add up fast, which easily justifies it for me.

License Limitations. Even after paying the hefty price tag you are limited to the sites you can use the software on. However, the likelihood of you needing all the licenses is very slim. You can always deactivate the license if you need and move it around. Also, you can just create multiple sales pages on the same domain, which is what I tend to do anyway.

12 Months of support. One of the biggest things that concerned me was the limited support on the software. After paying the nice ticket price, not knowing if the software is going to still work after a year concerned me.

However, most software you buy on the Warrior Forum offers little to no support. You can always extend the support and upgrades later for a very minimum fee. The main thing is you can know this software is backed by a first class company not some fly by night marketer.


Based on all my testing this plugin played well with all my favorite themes and plugins. In fact it simply ENHANCED them all. I had so much power at my fingertips that it would be no reason I could create a killer sales page with ease.

I would say if you have the budget to get this then go for it because it is that good. Now if your head is swimming from tools you already have then you have 2 choices.

The first is focus on learning to use those tools and forget you even saw Wp Enlighten. Or two, get this plugin and get up and running today! This thing is easy to learn and will simplify your life so you CAN focus on making money instead of pulling your hair out trying to get the image to line up where you want it.

You can always adapt those other tools in with Wp Enlighten and enhance everything even more. Wp Enlighten is only going to get even better because of the support behind it. That is reason enough to jump on now before the price does go up.

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